AIF Alpha3 Is Out

Today our community is happy to announce next version of AIF: Alpha3

Main focus in Alpha3 was on the next 2 points:

  • quality improvements;
  • text dictionary building;

And we are proudly announcing that both of the goals are achieved!

Alpha3 documentation page

Dictionary building documentation

big thanks to all of you who participate in this long, but important release. Our team that make this release possible:

  • Kovalevskyi Viacheslav – algorithm developer, architecture design, team lead ( / b0noi)
  • Ifthikhan Nazeem – algorithm designer, architecture design, developer
  • Sviatoslav Glushchenko — REST design and implementation, developer
  • Oleg Kozlovskyi QA (integration and qaulity testing), developer.
  • Balenko Aleksey ( – added stammer support to CLI, junior developer
  • Evgeniy Dolgikh — QA assistance, junior developer

Our next release (Alpha4) will be dedicated to the core component of semantic analyze. So it would be fun, stay tinned!

Please note that Alpha2 is deprecated from very this moment and will not be supported.

Also Alpha3 is the first release that taking place on the brand new AIF.IO site!